Fireflight         Innova

In what was previously referred to as “Christian Rock,” Fireflight are one of the last rock bands standing. They made a name for themselves via Flicker Records in 2000 and have been barreling through music ever since. Innova is the band’s sixth album and their first crowdfunded release.

Right from the get go Innova re-establishes everything that is great about Fireflight. It’s got a modern sound that blends their rock base with a host of dance rhythms, ambient drive, and bits of electronica. Vocalist Dawn Michele’s voice takes all the musical suave over the edge with her powerful lead vocal that is seemingly just as comfortable rocking out as it is playing pop princess.

“Keep Fighting” kicks off the album with a lot of positive energy. It never really rocks out, but it’s slow build certainly holds your attention and makes you wonder what might come next. The disco underbellied  “I’ve Got the Power” is another of the album’s strongest moments. Laden with computer-generated sounds, the song breaks down like a house tune but holds just enough edge to keep you from refusing to call it rock.

The traveling sounds of “We Are Alive” are excellent as well. Firmly placing the band among  modern heavyweights like Imagine Dragons, St. Lucia, and Anberlin while being careful to keep the “Fireflight sound” at the forefront.  I would be remiss if I didn’t also point out the in-your-face urgency of “Safety,” which features Stephen Christian of Anberlin alongside Michele. The two play off each other surprisingly well and the more straightforward rock edge makes it a track that you will consistently revisit.

Innova is an album that will set Fireflight apart from the pack for the first time in a few years. The music here is forward thinking and free sounding while keeping all the positive vibes that you expect Fireflight to place front and center. This is a new chapter for one of the best bands of the late 90’s/ early 00’s and it’s great to hear them at the top of their game so many years later. If you’ve lost track of Fireflight then now is the time to rediscover them. If you’ve been along on the ride the entire time then Innova proves everything you already knew.



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