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Soul Asylum     Change of Fortune     EOne Music

I remember first hearing Soul Asylum in high school when I picked up And the Horse They Rode In On. To this day, very few bands can touch that album and it definitely helped propel Grave Dancers Union to the legendary status it holds to this day. I loved how the band could cover so much musical ground yet still have an instantly recognizable sound. Change of Fortune is no different, but somehow it feels more anticipated due to it having been three years since their last record.

Pirner & Co. kick off the album in classic Soul Asylum fashion with “Supersonic.” While it sounds fresh and new, there is an obvious hearken back to the days when Alt. Rock was bubbling just under the mainstream. It’s midtempo Rock and Roll with just enough angst and emotion to make it sound different from everyone else. “Ladies Man” is another favorite on repeated listens. Pirner’s voice is a bit rough on this one to be honest, but the melody is so damn catchy and the poppy bounce is undeniable.

The title track is a much funkier tune (and perhaps a nod to the band’s Minneapolis roots?) and provides ample evidence that the band can play just about anything. “Cool” takes the funk a little bit farther and finds Pirner questioning what he has to do to be cool enough for the in crowd. The duo of tunes end the album on a great note! While I love most of this album, I really find myself coming back to the funkier stuff over and over.

Soul Asylum deliver another excellent album in Change of Fortune. There are a couple of tracks here that I didn’t care for but when you can cover so many different styles common sense dictates that you aren’t gonna connect with everybody all the time. If you enjoy Soul Asylum then you won’t be disappointed. If you have never heard them before or haven’t bothered to listen since Grave Dancers Union was on the charts, then this is an excellent re-entry point.


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