MissFD - Transcendence Album Cover

Miss FD   Transcendence  Quantum Release Records


Dark Electronic artist Miss FD returns with her fourth album, Transcendence. In addition to the ethereal voice and music of the album’s namesake, the seven-track album also features Robert Dante (a collaborator on Miss FD’s early work) on “Transcendence Intermezzo” and Vulture Culture on the track “Delirium.”

The album opens with “Despair” and “Vagaries,” whose music conjures up fond memories of Switchblade Symphony. Although the vibe is the same, Miss FD is her own beast on these songs, journeying through them with Gothic swagger and singer/songwriter craft work. The slow stomp that begins “Vagaries” is one of my favorite moment on the albums, by the time the guitars stagger in it has you completely hooked.

“Delirium” (featuring Vulture Culture) kicks the energy up a notch, giving the listener a more danceable backdrop. The string work towards the end of the song takes the whole thing over the top. If you were unconvinced, this is yet another moment that will easily win you over. “All the Pieces” has a similar effect on the movement of your limbs. “Delirium” and “Transcendence Intermezzo” (a piano instrumental with a Classical leaning) are moments that offer ample evidence that Miss FD has little interest in boxing her sound into corners.

One of my favorite moments on Transcendence is “Little Galaxy.” The song starts out fairly lowkey but turns into a vocal masterpiece by mid-song. The layered vocals are harmonies are simply gorgeous. “Icarus” is another favorite for me, sprinkled with Classical bits and Gothic ambience. Miss FD’s voice seems more commanding on this one as she declares, “I’m going to rise, you’ll see…” amidst the piano and string work. It’s a spectacularly reflective moment and a great track to end the album with. It definitely leaves you craving more.

I was largely unfamiliar with Miss FD prior to hearing Transcendence (I did some “catching up” on YouTube). It feels weird now to think I once lived in a world where I didn’t know her music. This is a gripping album that grabs ahold right away and doesn’t release you until it’s ready. It feels a bit Gothier and a little less Danceable than the previous work I have listened to, which, in my opinion, gives it a more intimate, even more mature, overall sound.

From the MASTERFUL artwork to the superb sound quality, this is one of my favorites of 2018 so far. It’s an album you should give a chance to, no matter what style of music you enjoy because it’s just that damn good.

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