The Year

Tim Myers        The Year      Palladium Records

Tim Myers is a name that I thought was completely unfamiliar with. As it turns out, I’m very familiar with his music. Most likely, you are as well. He is currently the most licensed solo artist to date with his solo music appearing in commercials for Macy’s, Target, Google, T- Mobile, and more, as well as television staples like Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, and Modern Family. Oh, he was also a founding member of a “little” band called OneRepublic. The Year is Myers second solo effort and concept album that follows his journey through its name sake.

“January: Get Out of Here” and “February: Smoking Gun” start the album off in a very indie rock sort of way, with strings and that borderline folk sound that is all the rage at the moment. It’s intense and creative and I can appreciate it for what it is, but by the end of “February…” I was having a hard time finding enough hook to grab onto.

When “March: Hills to Climb” rolls around though, I feel that the album turns a corner and really expands from what I thought it was going to be. Everything about “March…” is bigger, more beautiful, and easier to latch onto. In fact, this song is the key to the album as far as I’m concerned. It takes everything up a notch with big “Whoas” and musical crescendos and good vibes just ooze from it. “April: It’s My Life,” “June: Good Days Start Here,” and “August: Me & My Friends” continue in that vein, reminding the listener that pop music can be creative and interesting in the right hands. I much prefer the brighter, poppier side of The Year.

This is a record that starts out being exactly what you expect and then morphs into something surprisingly powerful. It’s full of lush orchestration, barebones piano work, and expertly anthemic sounds that remind you both of Myers history and his future. If you are looking for something new and enjoy the sound of OneRepublic, 30 Seconds to Mars, Tree63, Dustin Kensrue, more recent Jimmy Eat World, and the like then be sure to check out The Year.


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