Warrior - EP, Layne

Layne         Warrior

If there’s one thing that I’m a sucker for, it’s catchy pop hooks intertwined with alt rock sensibilities. Layne, fortunately for me, has my back. Hailing from the Black Hills of South Dakota, this is her third EP and my first experience with her music.

The EP starts out with “The Lonely” a catchy-as-hell mix of indie rock and electronic bits topped off by Layne’s strong, but distinctly feminine, voice. It’s a great way to kick off the EP and will certainly catch the ear of alt rockers and new wave kids all at once. “Seventeen” and  “Warrior” ably back it up with tight hooks and anthemic choruses. “I’d Go To Space” hones in on a basic but mesmerizing lead guitar riff to catch your ear but is steered by perfectly timed drums and waves of electronic that keep it from becoming redundant.

“Shades” is a brooding ballad led by an electronic piano that focuses on Layne’s emotional vocal. By showing another side of the music, Layne proves she isn’t a one trick pony and hearing her sing “Fuck it, I don’t want to be the only one….” over and over is pure gold. “Not So Easy” has a more laid back vibe but still stays consistent with the modern new wave sound that the other songs have. The chorus is a bit more bombastic though and, for me, it’s a highlight among highlights.

There isn’t a bad song on Warrior to be honest. This is a refreshingly awesome piece of pop art! Layne’s got a strong voice that isn’t easily overtaken by the instrumentation and the music sounds fresh and exciting. I can’t say enough great things about this EP and if there is any justice left in music then Layne will be 2015’s breakout artist. If you enjoy bands like Echosmith, LIGHTS, and Stimulator than you should check this EP out immediately!


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