Ashley J. is a Pop singer from Orlando. Her latest music, the Satisfied EP, is a short, powerful, and quite danceable, tour through the world of Pop music.

“Like You Used To” reminds me a lot of the mid-nineties Dance Pop bands. The thin production and the soulful vocal take me back to a time when Pop music had more to it than Hip Hop backbeats and Rap interludes. “Trapped” is a big Pop number with a Broadway flare lying just below the surface. It gets under your skin early on and really sticks with you, which is likely why it was placed first on the EP! The album’s closer, “When I Come Home To You,” is another highlight. It starts of acoustically but gets a nice boost from the programming that takes over the song by about halfway through. It’s a feel-good number that reminds me of the best things Katy Perry does, without really sounding like her.

Overall, this is a fun EP to listen to. It’s radio-friendly and well-produced, which is not always something you find with independent Pop music. Ashely has a strong voice that takes the production over the top, but I really find myself hoping for a little more substance lyrically. You should definitely check this out if you like quality Pop music and decide for yourself!



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